Red 32 Coupe
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Will Glover was born long ago in a galaxy far far away......He has most recently settled back to California where he plans on settling after his many travels through the galaxy. Will served 20 years in the United States Air Force as a Missile Maintenance Technician. During this time period and beyond he has lived in California, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, Texas, Florida (his home state) and has traveled from coast to coast many times over. Upon retiring from the military he has worked for the National Park Service, the United States Marine Corp., and Department of Veterans Administration. Will has come full circle and now works for the Department of the Air Force at Vandenberg AFB, where he was first stationed back in 1989.

In the year of 2007 Will was introduced to photographing action sports by a friend, and even though it was just an older DSLR for his first camera he found enjoyment in capturing sports.  By the time he began working in North Carolina his interest grew to the point that he had made a choice to go to school to study photography. He made his way back to Florida and began attending school in Tampa where he went on to achieve his Associates of Science degree in Professional Photography. During his studies, Will discovered Fine Art Landscape Photography. While going to school he developed his own style of landscape photography and later brought it over to the world of Hot Rods and Muscle Cars. He pushes himself in every aspect of the medium looking at it more of an art form than just clicking a button.

His most recent pursuit in the world of photography are real estate photography as well as people photography, using his extensive knowledge of lighting both natural and artificial lighting helps him create beautiful images for all clients.